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 A quick question. Do you think I should buy some dog sweaters?
The weather become colder these days and I don't know whether it affects Mikuo-kun. I think it'll come handy just in case if the weather is indeed affects Mikuo-kun, but I never have a dog before, so...

And where can I buy it for the cheapest price? I still need to buy some instant shiruko other things this month, so I can't waste all my money on it.

Oct. 25th, 2009

 I never know that there are so many people in this University  who celebrate their birthday on October. Well, happy birthday for those people then.

On another note, it'll be only two month until I can finally buy my own PSP. Two month of working faithfully at the music store, that's it. It'll be easier if I apply for another part-time job too, but considering I have assignments to handle and stuffs, I'll be patient with the music store only. And besides, the owner is kinda nice and sometimes give me bonus. But if I can have some free time, I would like to try working at a bar or something. That would be quite cool, no?

So, just curious, but what type of part-time job would you like to apply?
 So... Does anybody have a plan to go somewhere in which I can stick along? Am kinda bored now and don't have anything better to do. I just need to get out of my room and get a fresh air after become a hikikomori for a week because of the stupid paperworks.

Or, if nobody want me around, just recommend me where I should go to and I'll go by myself. But that'll be quite lonely, no?

Private to Kenya-senpaiCollapse )
 Niou-san, as much as I was really grateful for your help with the pie last time, I need to ask what exactly did you teach puppy-kun mikuo-kun? He starts to... misbehave.

Even if it's not your fault, I think I still need your help to tell me how should I do with him because I don't know how to take care of a puppy. Now I began to think how it'll be much better if my family sent me some kitten, at least Shiraishi-san's kittens seem easy to handle.

On a different note, it looks like today is Yuuji-senpai's birthday. No wonder Koharu-senpai randomly texted me last night and I have a nightmare after that.

[ooc: Zaizen is a vocaloid otaku nerd, Y/Y?]

Sorry, forgot to update this blog. There's so many things to do and to make it even more interesting, I still need to take care of the birthday present my family gave.  Even though my brother said it was Mitsuru's --my nephew, if you're wondering-- idea, I know it was really his own idea to gave me a puppy with a really nice reason along the line of  "It won't be good if you feel lonely, Hikaru-chan. This puppy will makes you happier".

Yes, you read it right. No PSP for birthday. Not even a new guitar. I've got a fuckin' puppy (which still left unnamed, by the way. Because, heck, what am I suppossed to call him? I never good at naming things) who resides at the corner of my room right now. I don't even know how to take care of animals. So someone, if you care enough, tell me.

Oh, and if you have a name for the puppy, let me know. I don't think he'll enjoy be called as 'puppy-kun' forever.

Now because I'm hungry, let's try this Pie recipe I found on line. Kuro resident, stay away from the kitchen, thank you.

Just a heads-up if someone have some business with me, I'm going back to Osaka next week to stop my brother's plan of spamming my inbox with his mails and see if I get a PSP for my birthday so I can play project diva and you won't see me until summer vacation ends.

If any of you want me to bring something from Osaka, just comment to this post. I think it won't hurt for being nice sometimes.

Jul. 21st, 2009

 Yesterday passed peacefully and my family sent me some shiratama zenzai. I don't understand what were they think at all. I mean, sure it was nice to have your favorite food on your birthday. But I can buy it here, so what's the point of sent it from Osaka? -_-;
It looks like my brother want me to go back to Osaka if I want my real present. But it's kinda troublesome to ride shinkansen and waste 2 hours doing nothing just so I could have my present.

Beat Tales of Hearts. The ending is not what I expected, but it's a good game. Oh,  and I prefer the anime movie edition than CG movie edition, thank you. Richia has an ugly face in the CG movie edition. Actually, all the girls become uglier in my opinion. >.>
Now what should I play next.....

Jul. 4th, 2009

Posting this from new laptop, the old one died and was impossible to repair (or not, but I think asking for an early birthday present won't hurt once in a while).

And I've been busy with tests and preparing for the festival (practicing, I mean. I'm not as good as Otori. He has a natural talent.). But because I figure I won't be as busy during the actual day, I'll endure the practice for now.

private to KenyaCollapse )
Shiraishi-san, thanks for the match this Sunday, it was a good match and makes me wonder why I didn't continue playing tennis now. But then again, with so much schoolwork and part-time job, I don't really have the time to join the team. And it reminds me, I need to finish my assignment soon. But it's kinda boring to write a paper about music history.

And for some random reason, I've been craving for a moist cheesecake this past week. Kenya-senpai, if you still want to treat me a lunch, maybe we could just buy some cheesecakes from the bakery nearby? Not that I refuse McDonalds or ramen, though.
That'll be the last time I go to Disneyland with you Kintarou. Or with anyone else, actually. I just found out that I hate, no... I detest that place. I saw too many lovey dovey couple and crazy children running everywhere at the same time. And I don't like it.

On another note, I think I baked something edible this time. Marui-san, would you like some of those chocolate chip cookies? Of course if anyone want some, just let me know. I don't take responsibility for any side effect after you eat the cookies though.


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